In three days, Hiding Blame will make its world debut at the Madrid International Film Festival. We’d like to take this time to post a special tribute to Sarah Prevo, whose work on HB has been nominated for “Best Hair & Make-Up”. It’s sometimes easy to overlook the job of the make-up artist on a film without obvious special effects. Sarah’s work on Hiding Blame looks so naturalistic, it can be hard to realize how much work went into it.

Sarah oversaw the make-up for the entire cast, a diverse group of actors working indoors and out, in both day and nighttime settings — all the while keeping in mind that it was being filmed in black and white. The result of her work is beautiful, and we are grateful to the programmers at Madrid International Film Festival ( for recognizing her achievement and nominating her for this award. Best wishes to you, Sarah, and thank you for your work on Hiding Blame!