The Cast
We’re very excited to introduce the full cast of Hiding Blame: joining Quigley Provost-Landrum in the lead role of Lee-Jay Douglas will be Geno Romo as her husband Isaac, Lawrence Siulagi as Samuel, father of the boy in custody, and Keenan Jameson as Will, a young friend of the victim. Rounding out the cast are Lori Van Dreal-Clark as Isaac’s sister Carla, David Loftus as Carla’s husband Barry, and Sophia St. James as Sandra.

Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sophia St. James was unable to fulfill the role of Sandra. Actor Lisa Jameson stepped into the role on short notice, and we were delighted to work with her.

photo 1
Keenan Jameson as Will
photo 2
David Loftus as Barry
photo 4
Lori Van Dreal-Clark as Carla
Lisa Jameson as Sandra
Lisa Jameson as
Quigley Provost-Landrum as Lee-Jay Douglas
Lawrence Siulagi as Samuel
Geno Romo as Isaac Douglas